ASHAI DESIGN provides a full range of design services encompassing architecture, master planning and interior design. From spectacular ocean-view estates across Southern California to luxury, gated communities overseas, our dedication to excellence is evident in every project from concept development through completion.

One look at our portfolio and you will find us exceptionally accomplished designers thanks to our exclusive relationship with the internationally acclaimed design firm, ASHAI DESIGN. Lead by Tony Ashai, the Beverly Hills based design firm has completed projects for Hollywood and Bollywood stars as well as leaders of large multinational corporations and hotel chains.

Three key principles make our company exceptional: First, our design process ensures that we focus on understanding the needs of our clients first and then assemble specialized teams to address those specific needs. This ensures our projects work as designed in harmony with their communities. Simply stated, we create real world solutions for real people.

Our second guiding principle is effective communication. At ASHAI DESIGN, we make an all-out effort to speak honestly and openly with our clients. When you have questions, we answer them in a clear, concise and understandable manner. In projects all over the world, we’ve proven that ASHAI DESIGN speaks your language.

Finally, our third principle is to utilize our experience as successful contractors and developers to help you avoid common pitfalls and cost overruns when you build your projects. And unlike competing firms, we stay involved from creative concept development through construction management.

ASHAI DESIGN stands out because our designs work as great as they look. Walkthrough any one of our projects. No matter how large or complex the building, the flow is effortless with all components balanced, beautiful and purposed.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

"Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union."